City of Fremont's Volunteer Recognition for students who helped the community's Creeks and Parks

Friday June 1st the City of Fremont held an awards ceremony at the Swim Lagoon in Lake Elizabeth.  The students who received an award worked on different projects around the city for a total of 7 hours or more.  Some of these students worked on many projects and earned over 30 volunteer hours.  The total effort from these students was over 1,000 hours.  Thank you to the over 200 of you who have helped on all the projects.  The projects included building Swallow boxes, Laguna Creek Restoration, Tule Ponds clean-up, tree planting behind Kennedy High, weeding at the Fremont Historical Garden, working on paths at Stivers Lagoon and many other projects with the city.


Here is a list of the students who were recognized:

Abad, Trisha
Adame, Andy
Ali, Samir
Alvernaz, Melissa
Ashraf, Harris
Bahney, David
Bernardin, Sarah
Blair, Christopher
Bonilla, Maria
Boswell, Nicole
Broom, Alex
Buchanan, Jeffrey
Catania, Bernadette
Davis, Eddie
Duran, Rachel
Durham, Charles
Espinosa, Arturo
Fenn, Samantha
Fisher, Megan
Gibson, Andrew
Grewal, Mike
Gruchow, Danielle
Hallett, Derek
Herrera, Rudy
Hum, Victor
Huoh, Yu-San
Huoh, Yu-Jay
Ingraham, Scott
Ismail, Sophia
Jeunger, Kenny
Jhinnu, Jessica
Johnson, Chris
Jones, Mike
Jones, Sean
Kammerer, Thomas
Kinghorn, Mike
Kirk, Dean
Knight, Jacob
Kwan, Jeremy
Lagos, Janessa
Lai, Pui
Lay, Chris
Leung, Joyce
Ligh, Allison
Ly, Vinh
Maciel, Moises
Manson, Michael
Mansure, Manaf
Martinez, Catalina
Menta, Rina
Miller, Scott
Minnigan, Adriean
Misherghi, Hasan
Morris, Danny
Muller, Pascal
Nguyen, Lydia
Nurge, Donald
O’Neal, Shea
O’Neal, Katlin
Owen, Sondra
Pagan, Nathaniel
Patel, Umang
Pena, Mayra
Pierce, AkiaQuon, Tami
Ramirez, Luke
Resendez, Vernonica
Reyes, Laura
Richmond, Anthony
Salinas, Monica
Shafaq, Mustafa
Shariff, FaziShelton, Ryan
Shimomura-Robinson, Michael
Singh, Namrata
Singh, Randeep
Skelton, Matthew
Smith, Chris
Smith, Matthew
Souza, Nathan
Subasa, IanSun, Elaine
Takeda, Curtis
Taufalele, Pricella
Vargas, Robert
Vasquez, Christopher
Vo, Jessica
Wilson, Juliana
Winters, Christina
Wolcott, Brandon
Wong, Renee
Yee, Juliana
Yoshimura, Eric