Tree Planting on the Pedestrian Walkway parallel to Farwell Drive

       Monday, March 19, 2001 36 members of Club Earth from Kennedy High School took time out of their School day to help plant new trees on a nearly barren stretch of land behind their school.   The weather of 75 degree heat with full sun and very little cloud haze made this day one that was a very good reason to get out of class. The jobs that they completed included digging some holes for the plants and also raking fallen debris from the existing pine trees and planting some new trees.   They completed around two weeks of work for the City of Fremont.  A very big  thanks to John Hal, Tim Gemoya, Robin, and Chin for helping with the tree planting and for all the hours of preparation work for these students to plant the trees.  

      Special thanks to: City of Fremont Environmental Services Division for providing tools, John Hal and Nelson Kirk  for their help in bringing the needed equipment and experienced tree planters to the site and Juliana Yee for without her there would not have been the workforce that there was to plant trees..

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