Fremont Historical Garden     

     On Saturday, February 3, 2001, members from the community, Club Earth (Kennedy High) and the Montessori Ceepers Club came to the Fremont Historic Gardens to finish what had been started only a week before.  Pat Lane from Tri-City Ecology discussed with Nelson Kirk (City of Fremont), Bob Wieckowski (Tri City Ecology), and Bill Merrill (Navlet's Nursery) the future of the garden.  They came to the conclusion that sometime in May they would implement a plan to further control the Bermuda grass that overgrew the native strawberries.  Another thing that was completed was the trimming of a path both inside and outside the garden.  The sidewalk is now clear of overhanging brush, and the inner path can now be walked through.  The front of the Museum is now clear of leaves and 80% of the weeds that grew in the front of the building.  When we were finished we noticed a complete change of the garden, it looked beautiful.  
   The volunteers from Kennedy High School include Juliana Yee, Juliana Wilson, Pui Lai, Ryan Shelton, Yu-San Huoh, Jo Yuan, Khiang Sabe, Victoria Kuong, Jeremy Kwan, Victor Hum, Jeff Shih, Rachel Lo, Ann Nguyen, and Thieu Nguyen.  From the Montessori Ceepers Club include Colby Jackson, Tracy Layden, Cathy Layden, Rick Layden, and JoAnn Peters.  Community Members who volunteered their time include Ellen Train, Bill Merrill,  Doug Dutina, Bob Wieckowski, Nelson Kirk, Kevin Foley, and Pat Lane.  A total of 25 people volunteered to make this happen.    

    To keep this small garden looking beautiful we do need a group to go out monthly and do general maintenance on the garden.  If you or a group that you know of is interested in stewardship of this garden please give us a call at 790-6284.  We can arrange the use of tools for gardening and also some refreshments for the volunteers. 

      Special thanks to: City of Fremont Environmental Services Division for providing tools, Nelson Kirk for his help in bringing the needed equipment, Tri-City Ecology for providing refreshments for the volunteers,  Museum of Local History for opening its doors to our volunteers on a day when they are not normally open, and Bill Merrill for his expertise on the plants in the garden and ways to improve their care.  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact