Montessori CEEPERS Club

Fremont Historical Garden

     The Fremont Historical Garden is located by the Museum of Local History at 190 Anza Street in Fremont, California. The garden is a representation of different plants found around California during two separate eras. The first era is when the Ohlones lived in our state without outsiders and the second era when agriculture was prevalent in this area.  
    The group responsible for planting and tending this
majestic garden is Tri-City Ecology.  The Tri-City Ecology in conjunction with the Math/Science Nucleus and City of Fremont, Environmental Services Division are working together with school groups (Kennedy High and Montessori School) to keep the gardens as a teaching tool.   
      When we arrived at this location we found that Bermuda grass had taken over some beautiful strawberry plants, palm trees were growing in different areas of the garden, and also some of the olive tree's seeds had planted themselves in the ground around the tree.  All of this needed to be groomed, and on Friday January 26, 2001 the Montessori Ceepers Club helped tend this deserving garden.  These students with their teacher Joanne Peters and with the help of Donna Olsen (Tri-City Ecology
Center), Nelson Kirk (Community member), and George Fisher (Community member) we were able to tackle the weeds, trim some trees, and clean up leaf debris.
    Saturday February 3, 2001 we will continue to tend this beautiful garden from 12:00 - 4:00 pm.  We are looking for more volunteers to come and join us in our quest to care for our city.   If you are interested in helping tend the garden on a regular basis please contact us at 790-6284 or e-mail 

Special thanks to: City of Fremont Environmental Services Division for their help in getting tools and also for sending two staff members Barbara Silva and Forest Frasieur

If you have any questions or concerns please contact