Applied Science - Built Environment (1)
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  • Exploring how humans affect their environment.
  • Investigating the consequence of garbage.


  • garbage
  • urban

Students use a worksheet to think about garbage.


Humans can alter their surroundings. Some people change their world to enjoy their surroundings while others do not have the technology to change it. The United States is one of the most technologically equipped societies. With success, one usually produces too much garbage. Our country throws out more garbage in just one day than any other nation on Earth. Americans have built an environment, but must learn to keep it clean.


  1. Garbage is a problem in urban areas and people need to develop ways to control their garbage. After coloring this picture, discuss ways we can dispose of garbage correctly. Ask students the consequences of improper garbage disposal. Is all garbage the same? What happens when a toxic chemical is mixed with garbage? This is dangerous because people can unknowingly get hurt. What kind of garbage can cause diseases and what kind will merely be unsightly and create a smelly mess?
  2. Ask students to describe areas they think might be damaging the environment. Also ask how they would correct the situation. Emphasize that garbage is a problem for all citizens in a society and that we must take care of our environment.
  3. While the students are coloring their worksheet you may want to read them The Paper Bag Prince, which explores how garbage can make an area not attractive. You can use the beautiful illustration to help students color their own worksheet.


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