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Earthquake Walk on the Hayward Fault


The Hayward Fault is one of a handful of faults in the world that is presently creeping.  Fault creep, where a fault moves steadily at the surface (instead of staying locked by friction, like most faults), has many observable effects in the East Bay; it separates curbs and paving slabs, cracks asphalt and walls, and damages buildings. The rate of movement, around 5 mm per year, is enough to visibly move objects within a year or two.  In this region there is about 3 miles that is exposed so people can actually walk along the trail to see these features.  the faulted floor of the Fremont Community Center is a dramatic reminder.

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  We would like to thank the following for helping with the October 21st Commemoration of the 1868 Great Quake (150 years)

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Big Shake Earthquake Simulator

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Fremont Firefighters Association (free hotdogs)
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The Math Science Nucleus has been working for a long time to educate schools and the public on Earthquake Education.  We were the first elementary science curriculum that integrated Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics and Hazards in a spiraling curriculum. 


We now need your help to finish our job of preserving significant features in the Fremont area that can act as an educational experience for K-12 schools, colleges and the public.  Where else can you see a building being ripped apart by tectonic forces; walk and see urban and natural features caused by a creeping faults; pull apart basins causing depressions and sag ponds.  Funds are needed to make sure the Gallejos Winery which fell in the 1906 earthquake is kept intact to remind people of what can happen, even if the movement was not on the Hayward Fault. We need permanent signs at Tule Ponds, so people who walk pass the pull apart basin, know it is the Hayward Fault. 


The City of Fremont is an ideal place to see these features and to understand why they are occurring.  However, some of these features may not be preserved without constant upkeep.  We need your help. 


MATH SCIENCE NUCLEUS since 1982 has served the education and public by offering quality science and math lessons that take our children learn critical thinking skills. We manage the Children's Natural History Museum and Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center.


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