SEE A VIRTUAL TOUR (trench is now closed, former exhibit)

The present Fremont Earthquake Exhibit was proceeded by a rare chance to go down into a trench and actually see the offset of the Hayward Fault underground. This exhibit which was first created by the 1906 Centennial Alliance in April, 2006 was scheduled to be bulldozed, but the Math Science Nucleus thought it was too important not to save.  Then Fremont Councilmember Bob  Wieckowski (now California State Assemblyman, was so impressed that it was the only public exhibit of its kind in the United States and helped us save the exhibit.  Mr. Wieckowski helped fundraiser and brought on board  Summerhill Homes,  then Fremont Recycling and Transfer Station,  and  then NUMMI  

We were worried that we would not get enough funds and then David Perlman wrote a wonderful article in the SF Chronicle which caught the eye of Nancy Kincaid at the California Earthquake Authority, and they contributed the $46,000 which make it possible to fund the entire exhibit until after the Celebrate Fremont event.  We  were  able to secure  grants from the Oakland  A’s, Robeson Homes,  and Seagate.  BART then wanted to contribute funds to help launch a capital campaign.

The exhibit was popular with close to 23,000 people coming from all over the area.  The  Math Science Nucleus feels that similar exhibit could encourage people to prepare about the next earthquake through understanding the science of earthquakes and not to fear them. 


On November 3, 2006, Keith's Construction covered the earthquake trench to wait for the next reopening.



Why is the Math Science Nucleus interested in the Hayward Fault in Fremont?


The Math Science Nucleus  manages Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center for Alameda County Flood Control and Conservation District.  This large natural sag pond is   It is part of the Hayward Fault system.    For if it wasn’t for the Hayward Fault system,  Fremont would  not have the rolling hills that it has today… nor would the fossils have been unearthed, nor would we have Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon.  Earthquakes with their mighty energy can cause disasters, but they also create the beauty that we now see.




2004 and before:  Exhibit idea conceived by David Schwartz and Mary Lou Zoback of the U.S. Geological Survey
January 2005:  Discussions begin between the 1906 Centennial Alliance and the City of Fremont
March 15, 2006:  Excavation begins on trench pit
April 1, 2006:  Scheduled opening delayed due to continual rainy weather
April 29, 2006:  Opening Day!
June 30, 2006:  Open House for visitors on last day. Followed by a funding reprieve by the California Earthquake Authority
July 14, 2006:  Math Science Nucleus reopens the exhibit
July 15, 2006:  Grand Re-Opening
September 5, 2006:  Dedication Ceremony to discuss future of Exhibit
September 15-16, 2006:  Celebrate Fremont Event with over 5000 people attending

October 22, 2006:  Seismic Sunset

Oct 29, 2006:  Exhibit closes

November 3:  Exhibit is covered


4000 year old silt on the left is slipping past the 9000 year old gravel on the right. This is the trace of the Hayward Fault.


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