Joyce R. Blueford, Ph. D. Geologist, Board President
of California
, Berkeley, A.B. Geology (1974)
University of California, Santa Cruz, Ph.D. Geology (1980)
As a geologist, Dr. Blueford worked on many projects that looked at understanding how sedimentary basins evolved through time.  She worked in the Pacific Ocean, California, Alaska, and Russia (Siberia and Sakhalin). Presently her attention is focused on preservation of scientific artifacts through the Children's Natural History Museum,  Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center, Fremont Earthquake Exhibit, and California Nursery Historical Park all managed by the Math Science Nucleus so children and the public can learn more about science and the environment.

Karen Anderson,  Ph.D. Archaeologist

Karen Anderson has a  Ph.D in anthropology from UC Santa Barbara with a specialty in archaeology. Her research specialty is pre-Columbian cultures of South America with her fieldwork for the last ten years focusing on the spread of the Tiwanaku empire that controlled most of modern day Bolivia from AD 600-1100. In the talk, she will use data from her excavations to demonstrate how archaeologists apply scientific investigation techniques to understand prehistoric cultures.
She currently teaches for the Dana Raimondi Math Scholar and acts a consultant to our scouting program.

Dorel Baca,  B.A.  Educational Coordinator

Dorel Baca is a native to the San Francisco Bay area; he grew up in Oakland, California and received his B.A. from San Jose State University.  Dorel’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on Television, Film, and Radio, makes classes at the Math Science Nucleus understandable and fun for kids (and adults!)  Dorel was recruited by IHEART Media where he held the position as “Morning Show Producer” for five years on Wild 94.9 FM. In February of 2015, Dorel decided to return back to the Math Science Nucleus (where he taught for 6 years during college years)  as the new “Educational Coordinator.”  Dorel’s job responsibility includes instructing all “Children’s Natural History Museum” field trips, creating new programs and services for classroom teachers, and brainstorming new ideas to market the non-profit.  

James Link, Naturalist
James teaches classes at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon and at the Children's Natural History Museum.  He specializes in Ohlone Indian culture, especially how they used nature in their everyday life.   James also gives guided tours at both locations including field trips. He worked as an organic farmer and is a certified Emergency Medical Technicial.  He teaches specialized classes in Native American plant use as well as how they engineered tools and weapons.  A broad knowledge of the natural world aids his interpretative skills.   James is also helping out at California Nursery Historic Park with archiving and maintaining the native trees.
Ken Miller, M.S. Electrical Engineer (retired)
Ken Miller's background includes a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, Cal Poly, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Kansas.  Amateur Radio License WB6BJX.  Licensed radio and television broadcast engineer.  California Community College Teaching Credential in Engineering.  Active in planetarium support and astronomy teaching programs.

Art Williams, Restoration Specialist
Art has been helping to keep Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon look as natural and safe for our school field trips.  He keeps the irrigation maintained as well as all the trails.  He started working at the Reforestation project at the Masonic Homes as a student intern with Tri-Ced.  Art also oversees volunteers on Saturdays as he leads students on different restoration projects.  He also helps out at California Nursery Historic Park when needed.

Jim Houston, Chemist
Jim has a BS in Chemistry and teaching credentials in math and physical science from UC Berkeley. He taught high school for a total of eight years including physics, honor physics, chemistry, physical science and algebra. He worked in high tech for many years, first to create chemical structure and reaction databases and then to design and test chemical software. Currently he teaches high school chemistry and physics and he is a part-time lab science teacher at a local primary school.

More information on founder and Board President

Joyce R. Blueford, Ph.D.

As a geologist, Dr. Blueford worked on many projects that looked at understanding how sedimentary basins evolved through time.  She worked in the Pacific Ocean, California, Alaska, and Russia (Siberia and Sakhalin).  Her expertise is siliceous rock deposition during the Cenozoic in the Pacific Ocean.  Her specialty is radiolarian evolution which are protozoa that produce a siliceous skeleton of unimaginable beauty.  She has written over 60 scientific peer reviewed articles
including edited 7 volumes on Sakhalin Island (Russia) Geology. She has also authored 5 books on baseline habitat documentation of areas in southern Alameda County in California.

As a U.S. Geological Survey  research scientists, she got involved with getting more women and minorities into the ranks of geologists.  This is when it became obvious that not enough quality science was in the curriculum.  She lobbied at the local, state, and national level to get more geology into elementary schools after determining that was a major problem for low income children to think science. In 1982, Joyce with other scientists in the San Francisco Bay area founded the Math Science Nucleus to help the public school system bring in more science into the curriculum.

Joyce has also coordinated research to educational projects in her 30 years as the Board President of the Math/Science Nucleus.  She is the major author of  Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Reference curriculum, a 6 volume hands-on program for K-6th grades.  It made the supplemental list for State Adoption in 1990-98, and was used in school districts throughout the country.  She has also authored 23 Children’s science books. She was involved with the first national effort to increase earthquake education in the schools.  She worked with Xerox Palo Alto Research Center on ways in which technology can help with science education and developed some of the prototypes of online based learning that would eventually use tablets as the medium to replace books.  Dr Blueford worked in Eritrea, Africa on this prototype learning system to provide science materials that were customized to specific countries.   


Doris Raia  (1998-2012) 
Animator, Artist


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