Mammoth Day - Rediscovered Fossils
Saturday, Dec 2, 2017  1-4 pm

Children's Natural History Museum
4074 Eggers Drive
Fremont, CA 94536   (510)790-6284

 under construction. 

Dec 26
The Ancient Oceans!  Learn about life in a Paleozoic Era Ocean, view fossils from the time period and meet a paleontologist in person.

* paint  fossil casts
 fold  origami fossils
* dig for real fossils
* make clay imprints

Dec 28
Dinosaurs!  Discover dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era, see dinosaurs and how they would have lived during the time period and meet a paleontologist who helped uncover these giants of long ago.

* paint  dinosaur casts
 make paper dinosaur puppets
* design  a dinosaur egg
 make clay  imprints
* compare dinosaur footprints


Jan 2
The Amazing Universe! Explore beyond our Earth as you view stars near and far in the Hall of Stars.  Learn how to identify objects in the night sky and how we have changed our views. Meet an amateur astronomer and learn how you can be one too.

* make constellation finders
 create constellation art
* make a solar system  poster
* experience the Miller Stardisk


Jan 4
Mega Mammals! Discover the large land mammals that lived during the Ice Age and roamed Fremont.  Learn about the difference between a mammoth and mastodon and what made the saber tooth cat a vicious predator.  Meet a paleontologist and find out how hard it is it unearth these ice age giants.

* paint  fossil casts
 pop up mammoth art book
* design  saber cat paper teeth
* compare mega mammal teeth

Jan 6
Human Origins!  Investigate the progression of human history from early times through the present.  Learn about the requirements to survive in harsh environments and how early Humans were able to utilize their surroundings to survive.  Meet an Archaeologist and discover the clues left behind from early humans.

* make  shell jewelry
 design  cave art
 search for arrow heads
* grind acorns


These daily events explore different scientific concepts so students are aware of  the vast coverage of science in different diciplines.  Each day there are 4 activities that engage your child into exploration.  Students get to do make and takes that reinforce concepts and help expand interest and inquiry in the scientific topic of the day. Payment covers the cost of  docent led tour, activities and make and takes plus admission to museum on self guided tours.                                         

Cost per child is $8.00 for non members; $6.00 for members

 Cost per Adult: $4.00 for non members; free for members (please note Children are not allowed to be unattended)

PLEASE PAY AT THE EVENT, includes visit to museum
Children ages 2 and under free with paying adult but must be supervised at all times
please contact us for more information
  all proceeds go directly into the museum
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