Math Science Nucleus sponsored
Alameda County Flood and Water Conservation District funded

Teacher Science Workshops
Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

  FALL, 2019

Hands-on, tested (content that integrates basic teaching skills)
 Learn how to customize materials to your school
Location:  Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon (1999 Walnut Ave, Fremont)
These workshops are for FREE, limited enrollment, but we do require a Materials Fee of $10
so we can provide materials so you are ready to teach 

Dr. Karen Anderson, Instructor
for more information contact Dr. Joyce Blueford

 Sept 14,
Sat, 9-12 pm

Ohlones - Living off the Land  (Code-T-Tule01)
The Ohlones were a resourceful people using native vegetation to live off the land.  Learn how they would make boats and homes using trees and tules.  Even make examples of children's toys made from Tule.  See how they used acorns to make a mush.  You will be able to collect seeds to use with your students.  Display of local artifact including arrowheads, bone knives, mortar and pestles and much more.
Materials:  Tules (will collect), arrowhead,  acorns (will collect)

Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers
Sept, 28
Sat, 9-12 pm 
Organisms that Change -  Metamorphosis (Code - T-Tule02)
Many invertebrates change through their life cycle.  However only a few vertebrates, like frogs and steelhead fish actually go through metamorphosis.    Class will cover collecting data on arthropods and other small organisms in the environment; butterflies and moths; beetle life cycle; ants as decomposers and their life cycles; comparing bees with flies; mimicry; design, engineering and creation of bee hives; learn how to maintain butterflies and moths in the classroom; learn about science gardens and how to use them to collect data. Workshop participants have the opportunity of taking home milkweed plants and silkworm coccoons.  Monarch eggs and caterpillars (if available) can also be collected.  Once you take class you may come onsite and get samples throughout the school year. 
Materials:  Milkweed plants and seeds, choice of Safari life cycle (beetles, butterflies)

Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers
Oct, 19
Sat, 1-4 pm
Chemistry at Tule Ponds  (Code - T-Tule03)
Tules are used to clean up water.  How does that happen?  This workshop will go into how biological systems can filter water.  Learn how to create an experiment in the classroom to show this difference.  You can test water through time and get an understanding of how plants can do their magic. Go over the periodic table and what is found in water.  Lots of fun and exciting experiments you can bring into your classroom.
Materials:  Bromothymol Blue experiment; Tule plants to grow (rhizomes); pH

Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers
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