Math Science Nucleus
Teacher workshops at
Children's Natural History Museum
lesson plans and hands on material
instructor:  Dr. Angeline Catena

Teaching a new subject and not sure of the background information?  These workshops will help teachers (science or classroom) how to teach scicence subject at its best.  Workshops are 2 hours long and will spend about half hour on content and then an hour on how to teach effectively with enough time to explore materials in the museum.   Samples of the lesson plans will be made and participants will be able to use it directly in the classroom.   These workshops are ideal if you come coming to a field trip and want to extend the learning.

After 40 years of working with students and teachers, you are guareented to feel competent to give an exciting lesson to your students.  Lesson plans online are leveled for different age groups.   Each workshop will go over key scientific concepts and ideas on how to teach, including online lesson plans and slideshows. 

There is a $10 registration fee, but you will get $20 credit of materials available in our Museum Shop during workshop.

September 7, 2019

10am -12 pm
Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers
Code - T-CNHM01

Fossils - How to use Museum  (Code T-CNHM01) Learn how to incorporate fossils into many lessons from oceans to bones.  Open your eyes to the many fossils locations around the bay area that can excite the many children that always wanted to be a paleontologist.  See the many hands on activities from the giant sharks of Morocco to the Ice Age Mammoths of Fremont that you can bring into your classroom.
canceled will be repeated

 Novemeber 2,  2019

10am-12 pm
Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers
Code - T-CNHM02

Electricty, Magnetism and Light  (Code T-CNHM02)  Physics can be taught throughout the grades at just that special moment.  This workshop will go through basic principles of electromagnetism that all children should know.  Future innovations will need students to understand this force of nature.  Lots of inexpensive experiments that you can make with your students.   

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Registration fee is not refundable, but transferrable or if you do not attend the workshop you can get the value of the registration in the Museum Shop.  Materials for making samples will be provided.