Sabercat Creek Historical Park
 Math Science Nucleus and City of Fremont

May 6, 2018
9:30-11:00 am
Via Orinda Entrance Parking Lot

Via Orinda and Luzon

Sabercat Historical Park Interpretative Walk:
Sabercat Historical Park is a 98 acre park that hosts a remarkable history of wineries, a dairy farm, and fossils.   It is home to many birds that cannot be found in other areas and a large landmark tree.  The walk (1.5 mile) will take the visitor back through time when Ice Age animals liked mammoths, sabertooth cats, camels, and horses roamed the area.  The tour will go over how early Ohlone's used the bounty of the trees to collect food, and how early settlers used this area to grow grapes for the first wine industry in California.   This tour will start from the Via Orinda entrance. There is a parking lot and restroom there.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring water.  Afterwards you can continue for another 1.5 miles to complete the entire trail as you walk toward the foothills.

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