Programming  Camp

Math Science Nucleus  
at Children's Natural History Museum
(4074 Eggers Drive, Fremont)
  upstairs classroom

Introduction to Python

PRICE:  $1

M-08  August 13-17 Introduction to Python 1-4pm  CNHM

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Learn to program using Python! Students will learn key fundamentals of programming, and create their own version of the popular game “Flappy Bird.” They will learn programming concepts such as variables, classes and functions, while completing fun projects & activities! Students must bring a laptop and should install Python and PyGame before the class begins.  The instructors of the classes have developed several websites, browser extensions, mobile applications and other utilities. Recommended ages (10-13)

NOTE:  Students must bring their own laptop (Apple or Microsoft)

Instructors: AvyayVaradarajan and Jack Burd

Avyay knows many programming languages(Java, Python, Swift, and Ruby) and was part of a winning team at TinoHacks. Jack has been programming exclusively in Python for 3 years, and he particularly enjoys working on graphical tools.

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PRICE:  $150.00 (Avyay and Jack will be donating proceeds to Math Science Nucleus)
MSNucleus staff will be overseeing students.

3 Hour per day for Full Week  (M-F )
 Price includes all written materials and snack!  

All proceeds to support the many projects managed by the Math Science Nucleus.

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