California Nursery Historical Park
for more information contact Math Science Nucleus  or (510)790-6284

Volunteer Opportunities
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Community Service and Service Learning

California Nursery Historical Park is located in the Niles District of Fremont  (Nursery Ave and Niles Blvd), is open for community service and service learning on the days listed below.  You do not need to sign up for the event, just drop in.  Wear appropriate clothes. 

Volunteer Dates for plants
(Rose Garden)
(ideal for adults, meet at Rose Garden to check in
(bring water, gloves - tools provided)
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All THURSDAYS unless noted

other volunteer opportunities: 
Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

Volunteers are recommended to wear garden work clothes due to field work!

Volunteer Dates for trees (Sat)
(ideal for high school)

meet at Vallejo Adobe to sign in
(water, gloves, tools provided)
All SATURDAYS unless noted

Month 2-4 PM
April, 2018 7, 14, 21,28
May, 2018 5, 12, 19, 25

Community workdays are open to all high school students, Eagle and Girl Scouts, Senior Citizen groups, other community groups and individuals.   

Please check our website for more information on volunteering: or call (510) 790-6284 or email:

  • (collecting and/or sowing seeds)
  • Native plant installation (planting trees, shrubs or wildflowers)
  • Non-native plant removal
  • Spreading mulch and chips around plants and on trails
  • Tree and trail maintenance (watering and pruning)
  • Docents for Open Houses
  • Transplanting nursery plants from the greenhouse



 Students who want to do longer projects 

California Nursery Historical Park is a 21 acre

Possible service project  could include:

1 Pollinator garden at the Adobe (milkweed and other flowers)
2 Pollinator garden at the Office (milkweed and other flowers)
3 Compost station three stage cool composting (removal and set up)
4 Small tree trimming and removal of invasive around trees (ivy)

5 experimental orchard (pruning)

6 Experimental orchard (remove suckers)

7 Experimental orchard (mulching)

8 Mulching historic palms and survey of owl population

 9 California natives transplanting 5gal to 15gal

10 Tree care at California Nursery and Masonic

11 Boxed forest, small tree trimming and removal of invasive plants around trees  

12 Palm tree trimming and mulching

13 Mulching for weed suppression water and soil conservation and soil building

 Other locations that may have possible projects (Math Science  Nucleus only oversees projects at Tule Ponds). click here

Service learning hours can be earned by designing and carrying out individual or group science projects.  Some examples of projects are:

  • Increasing butterfly habitat
  • Stream ecology (which may include monitoring aquatic organisms such as fish and invertebrates)
  • Bird studies and bird nest box monitoring
  • Growing native trees from seeds

Community service hours can be earned by coming to our Saturday Service Days helping us with the most pressing need