California Nursery Historical Park

A Chocolate Social
Vallejo Adobe
November 2,

Lila Bringhurst greeting the Roeding Family Eleanor Gilchrist (MSN) testing the Chocolate Fountain
left to right:  June Wallace, Ann Kohnen, Wally Betchart, Lyla Fries, and Laurie Rogers  Roeding Family
one of the many "home" scenes Pat and Phil Gordon (left) looking at displays

 sponsored by the Math Science Nucleus
(a non profit organization serving education since 1982)

 in corporation with California Nursery Legacy Council (CalNurCo)

Thanks to all the people that came and for Nelson Kirk, Rory Miller, and Karen Anderson for leading tours. Everyone commented on how "rustic" the Adobe looked inside thanks to Lyla Fries and Eleanor Gilchrist.  Over 100 people attended to help us preserve this wonderful treasure. 

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