Coast Live Oak Plant Series

Coast Live Oak is the dominant overstory plant of the coast live oak woodland habitat. Normally the tree is found on well drained soils of coastal hills and plains Coast live oak typically has a much-branched trunk and reaches a mature height of 1025 meters (3382 ft). Some specimens may attain an age exceeding 250 years.  Below are some of the trees that are being planted.  (under construction)

Coast Live Oak 
Quercus agrifolia

An evergreen tree which grows to 10-25 meters tall.  It has a broad, dense crown and spreading branches. The acorns are eaten and stored by many animals

Valley Oak
Quercus lobata

The largest of North American oaks, can live up to 600 years. Leaves are deciduous with deep lobes.  The bark is thick and ridged on mature species.  Acorns  larger than the coast live oak

Blue Oak
Quercus douglasii

A slow growing oak that can live to 400 years with a thick grayish flaky bark.   Leaves are deciduous, simple 4-10 cm with 5-7 irregular lobes.

Other plants associated with this habitat include Black Oak